Instrumentation: SSAATTBB a cappella choir

Duration: ca. 5:30


Preview Score

Premiere: May 20, 2017 :: Harold Rosenbaum and the New York Virtuoso Singers :: Saint Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church :: New York, NY

Program Note: 

In physics, flux is defined as the rate of flow of a fluid, radiant energy, or particles across a given area. This music is my attempt to translate this idea into sound. I use short, pulsed, echoing music as particles and long, sustained notes that gradually melt and morph through glissandi and shifting timbres as fluid. The particles and fluid combine in various ways to slowly transform the music over time. Rather than setting and painting a text, the singers use various syllables to shape the sound itself, and I imagined shaping and manipulating these timbres and textures much like I would in electronic music, using filters, delay, reverb, and ring modulation.