Into the Wind is a collaborative project led by Jessica Fogel, Professor of Dance at the University of Michigan. The project brings together dancers, musicians, a sonification specialist, and scientists to address issues surrounding alternative energy and the history of manufacturing in Muskegon, MI, acting as a catalyst for community dialogue about offshore wind in the Great Lakes.

Sound design and original score by David Biedenbender with improvisation by Chris Sies, percussion, and Ashley Stanley, flute, and wind data sonification by Robert Alexander.

Audio Excerpt (below): Ashley Stanley, flute and improvisation; David Biedenbender electronics


Double Dutch is a collaboration between David Biedenbender (music) and Jennifer MacDonald (hand drawn animation) and was commissioned by artist Creighton Michael for an installation at the Allentown Museum of Art entitled “Double Dutch” as part of the Past Present: Conversations across Time Exhibit (2/22/2015-5/17/2015).

The installation is inspired primarily by two paintings by Paulus Moreelse from 1625 of Dirck Strick and Henrica Ploost van Amstel, which are merged in a kind of “wedding dance.” The video uses images of goffering irons which were used to maintain the ruffs of their clothing. The harpsichord tune heard in the video is “Daphne” from the Camphuysen Manuscript, first published in 1624, a collection of Dutch sacred songs usually played on the virginal, a member of the harpsichord family.