Bent Space

Bent Space

Instrumentation: concerto for marimba and chamber orchestra ( – – strings)

This version is a three movement concerto for marimba and chamber orchestra, but there is a piano reduction of the entire concerto available, and the first movement is also orchestrated for marimba and woodwind quintet. If you are interested in performing this piece with a different orchestration (piano reduction, winds, large orchestra, etc.) please contact David.

Duration: ca. 22:00

Premiere: February 19, 2010 :: Samuel Livingston, marimba :: Elim Chan, conductor :: Britton Recital Hall, Ann Arbor, MI

Program Notes
The full concerto version of bent space was commissioned by percussionist Samuel Livingston. The title refers to both the unique apse-like space in which the piece was premiered, and also to Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, which predicts that space can be bent. Einstein’s theory has been substantiated through several remarkable experiments, most notably by the observation of a phenomenon called gravitational lensing, where light from stars behind the sun are visible on earth as the light is bent around the sun’s surface.

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